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Capabilities for major repairs of avionics

Automatic direction finder Almaz-UP
Automatic direction finder ARC-15M
Direction finder ARC-UD
Recorder P-507-3BS
  Capabilities for major repairs for aviation

Electric Equipment
Automatic starting panel ADF-9B
Automatic starting panel ADF-78A
Electric mechanism EPA-60-2T
Electromagnetic brake EMT-2M
Motor MB-280B
Electric mechanism MP-100C-3s
Switching and regulation box CWR-3-2
Rectifier unit UW-6B
Anti-collision light MSL-3-2c
Electric mechanism EPV-150MT
Invertor PT-200TS-5s
Fan motor CF-1200
Slip-ring assembly TSV 36M 313
TR slip-ring assembly 8AT-7420-100
Over-voltage protection unit WGA-A2
Automatic changeover relay unit APP-1A, M
Block protection BZUNP355G
Lock of voltage regulation BRN120T5A
Block of current transformers BTT40
Phase sequence unit BCHF-208
Generator GT40PCH8V
Differential minimum relay unit DMR-200VU
Program mechanism PMK-21
the static converter PTS-800BM
voltage regulator RN-120U
siren C1
static inverter SPO-9
Fire warning system SSP-FC
Generator filter F, FG, FCR
Cassette EKSR-46 (7-K-991)
Block SNP-1
Searsh-landinglight PFP-7
Differential minimum relay unit DMR-200D
Instrumentation System
Air speed indicator US-450
switch correction VC-53ERV
Pressure altimeter WD-10K
Rate of climb indicator BP-10MK, 30MK-VAR
aviagorizont AGB-3K
Tachometer indicator ITE-1, ITE-2
Tachometer generator D-1M, R-2M
electrical Index ET-53
autopilot AP-34B
pathfinder BSUP-2K
Indicated speed controller KZSP
Compass KI-13K
Pitot tube PVD-6M
Temperature regulator RT-12-6
Pressure switch SD-29A
Thermometer TV-45
flux-gate detector ID
Gauges DIM
indicator ЭМИ-3РBИ UI3-3K, 6K
sensor A-1U2
Power meter IR-117M
indicator ЭМИ-3РИ IPD-1
altimeter HEM-72FP
measuring equipment 2IA-6A
flight data recording system BUR-1-2

Capabilities for major repairs of air frame

Longitudinal, lateral, pedal, collective pitch and throttle control unit 184-5103-220
Artificial feel mechanism 8А-5400-120-3;5
LH collective pitch and throttle control stick 8МТ-5901-130
RH collective pitch and throttle control stick 140-5901-140
Installation of hydraulic actuators 8МТ.5104.200
Transmission and rotor system
swashplate 8-1950-000
main rotor hub C.02 8-1930-000
vibration damper 8AT-1250-00
tail rotor 8-3904-000 s.06
intermediate gear 8A-1515-000
cardan shaft 8A-6314-00
tail gear 246-1517-000
tail shaft 8A-1516-000
brake rotor 56-1400-00
fan 8A-6311-00 s.04
Fuel System
Electrically driven centrifugal pump 463B
Electrically driven centrifugal pump ESP-91S
Electrically driven centrifugal pump 748A
Shut-off valve 768600MA
Relief valve 637 000
Shut-offvalve 633 630
Drain valve 601100M
Drain valve 600400M
Fuel filter 8A-50-6104
Electromagnetic valve 610200A
Fuel filter 11TF30SM
Float valve for pressure fuelling 766300A-1-T
Power plant and oil system
Chip detector SS-78
Air-to-oilcooler unit 5349T
dust protection device 246-6820-00-01; 02
Fire protection system
fire extinguisher 1.4.4
fire extinguisher OU-2 / A /
valve 781 100
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic unit 8A-5302-00
Hydraulic accumulator 8A-5301-370
Two-position valve GA-74M / 5
Electromagneticvalve GA-192/2, HA-192T
Emergency power cut-in valve GA-59/1
Hydraulic filter FG-11BN
Hydraulic filter 8D2.966.017
Hydraulic stopper cylinder 8AT-5103-550
pump NS-39
Airborne valve 1890A-1 and 1925a-1-T
Relief valve GA-77B
valve 630 600
unit control KAU-115 KAU-30B, RA-60B
Landing Devices
landing gear shock strut (left, right) 8A-00-4101
Nose landing gear lever-type shock strut 8A-00-4201
Tail bumper shock absorber B24-4301-100-7
Wheel with brake KT97-310 with brake KT97-220
Air-conditioning system
Heater KO-50
Pneumatic System
Reducin gvalve UP25 / 2
Pressure regulator BP-50
compressor AK-50T
air filter 723 900-4AT
airfilter 723 900-6AT
Reducing valve UPO3 / 2M
Sediment filter 5565-10
Non-returnvalve 636 100
Amphibious transport equipment
winch SLG-300


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