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Repair kits for the repair of airframe

Longitudinal, lateral, pedal, collective pitch and throttle control unit 184-5103-220
Artificial feel mechanism 8A-5400-120-3, 5
LH collective pitch and throttle control stick 8MT-5901-130
RH collective pitch and throttle control stick 140-5901-140
Installation of hydraulic actuators 8MT.5104.200
Fuel system
Electrically driven centrifugal pump 463B
Electrically driven centrifugal pump ESP-91S
Electrically driven centrifugal pump 748A
Shut-off valve 768600MA
Relief valve 637 000
Shut-offvalve 633 630
Drain valve 601100M
Drain valve 600400M
Fuel filter 8A-50-6104
Electromagnetic valve 610200A
Fuel filter 11FT30SM
Float valve for pressure fuelling 766300A-1-T
Power plant and oil system
Chip detector SS-78
Air-to-oilcooler unit 5349T
dust protection device 246-6820-00-01; 02
Fire protection system
fire extinguisher 01/04/2004
fire extinguisher OU-2 / A /
valve 781 100
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic unit 8A-5302-00
Hydraulic accumulator 8A-5301-370
Two-position valve GA-74M / 5
Electromagneticvalve GA-192/2, HA-192T
Emergency power cut-in valve GA-59/1
Hydraulic filter FG-11BN
Hydraulic filter 8D2.966.017
Hydraulic stopper cylinder 8AT-5103-550
pump NS-39
Airborne valve 1890A-1 and 1925a-1-T
Relief valve GA-77B
valve 630 600
unit control KAU-115 KAU-30B, RA-60B
Landing devices
landing gear shock strut (left, right) 8A-00-4101
Nose landing gear lever-type shock strut 8A-00-4201
Tail bumper shock absorber B24-4301-100-7
Wheel with brake KT97-310 with brake KT97-220
Air-conditioning system
Heater KO-50
Pneumatic system
Reducin gvalve UP25 / 2
Pressure regulator BP-50
compressor AK-50T
air filter 723 900-4AT
air filter 723 900-6AT
Reducing valve UPO3 / 2M
Sediment filter 5565-10
Non-returnvalve 636 100

Rubber products, mandatory replacement parts for the repair of airframe


Bolt 3001A-5-56kd
Bolt 3001A-6-22kd
Bolt 3001A-6-26kd
Bolt 3001A-6-36kd
Bolt 3001A-6-50-3kd
Bolt 3001A-8-24kd
Bolt 3003A-5-14kd
Bolt 3003A-5-26kd
Bolt 3003A-6-22kd
Bolt 3003A-6-26-4 cd
Bolt 3003A-6-38-3kd
Bolt 3003A-8-66-4kd
Bolt 3017A-8-48-4 cd
Bolt 3017A-8-50-4kd
Bolt 3021A-12-34-4, 5kd
Bolt 3021A-8-20-4 cd
Bolt 3021A-8-46-4 cd
Bolt 3024A-10-28kd
Bolt 3024A-12-36-4, 5kd
Bolt 3024A-6-30-3kd
Bolt 3024A-6-58-3kd
Bolt 3024A-8-50-4kd
Bolt 3027A-10-32-4kd
Bolt 3027A-10-34-4kd
Bolt 3027A-12-78-4kd
Bolt 3027A-14-42-4, 5kd
Bolt 3027A-14-44-4, 5kd
Bolt 3027A-14-66-4, 5kd
Bolt 3027A-5-18kd
Bolt 3027A-5-28-3kd
Bolt 3027A-5-30-3kd
Bolt 3027A-7-22-3kd
Bolt 3027A-8-32-3, 5kd
Bolt 3027A-8-34-4kd
Bolt 3027A-8-36-3, 5kd
Bolt 3027A-8-54-3, 5kd
Bolt 3033A-4-36kd
Bolt 3033A-5-60kd
Bolt 3033A-6-42kd
Bolt 3050A-4-60
Bolt 3050A-4-60kd
Bolt 3050A-4-72 cd
Bolt 3050A-4-74 cd
Bolt 3050A-4-74kd
Bolt 3050A-4-90kd
Bolt 3050A-5-42 cd
Bolt 3051A-2-22
Bolt 3051A-5-12 cd
Bolt 3051A-6-18
Bolt 3051A-6-20
Bolt 3051A-8-100kd
Bolt 3051A-8-22
Bolt 3051A-8-24
Bolt 3055A-4-18kd
Bolt 3059A-6-16 cd
Bolt 3059A-6-18 cd
Bolt 3059A-6-18kd
Bolt 3063A-4-18
Bolt 3063A-4-30kd
Bolt 3151A-6-14 cd
Bolt 3050A-4-46


Roller 1340s51-5-38-34
Screw 3155A-5-12Kd
Screw 3155A-5-16Kd
Screw 3155A-5-24Kd
Screw 3156A-5-12 cd
Screw 3157A-3-14
Screw 3157A-5-14 cd
Screw 3162A-2 ,5-6Kd
Screw 3164A-4-7 cd
Screw 3165A-3-6 cd
Screw 3166A-2 ,5-10Kd
Screw 3166A-2-4 cd
Screw 3166A-3-10Kd
Screw 3166A-3-12 cd
Screw 3166A-3-18 cd
Screw 3166A-3-8 cd
Screw 3166A-4-10 cd
Screw 3166A-4-12 cd
Screw 3166A-4-14 cd
Screw 3166A-4-16Kd
Screw 3166A-4-8 cd
Screw 3166A-4-9 cd
Screw 3166A-5-10 cd
Screw 3166A-5-12 cd
Screw 3166A-5-14 cd
Screw 3166A-5-20 cd
Screw 3166A-5-22 cd
Screw 3166A-5-24Kd
Screw 3166A-5-32Kd
Screw 3166A-6-24Kd
Screw 3169A-4-24 cd
Screw 3169A-ant-5-11
Screw 3170A-3-10 cd
Screw 3170A-3-12 cd
Screw 3170A-3-14 cd
Screw 3170A-3-18 cd
Screw 3170A-3-8 cd
Screw 3170A-4-10 cd
Screw 3170A-4-12 cd
Screw 3170A-4-14 cd
Screw 3170A-4-16 cd
Screw 3170A-4-18 cd
Screw 3170A-4-20 cd
Screw 3170A-4-22 cd
Screw 3170A-4-28 cd
Screw 3170A-4-8 cd
Screw 3170A-5-10Kd
Screw 3170A-5-12 cd
Screw 3170A-5-14Kd
Screw 3170A-5-16 cd
Screw 3170A-5-18 cd
Screw 3170A-5-20Kd
Screw 3170A-5-24 cd
Screw 3170A-6-16Kd
Screw 3170A-6-22 cd
Screw 3172A-3-11 cd
Screw 3172A-3-9
Screw 3172A-4-10 cd
Screw 3172A-4-12 cd
Screw 3172A-4-20 cd
Screw 3172A-5-14 cd
Screw 3172A-5-16 cd
Screw 3174A-4-14
Screw 3177A-4-14 cd
Screw 3177A-4-18Kd
Screw 3177A-4-20Kd
Screw 3177A-5-10Kd
Screw 3177A-5-16 cd
Screw 3177A-5-18 cd
Screw 3177A-5-20 cd
Screw 3181A-3-36 cd
Screw 3181A-4-10Kd
Screw 3191A-4-16kd
Screw 3191A-4-36 cd
Screw 3244A-5-11 cd
Screw 8A-5700-001
Screw 8AT-0600-003
Screw 8AT-7210-142-002
Screw 8AT-7210-143-002
Screw 3172A-4-10
Screw 3154A-4 cd
Screw 3172A-4-12
Screw 3166A-5-16Kd
Screw 3166A-5-18 cd
Screw 3172A-4-14 cd
Screw 3172A-4-8
Screw 3172A-5-12 cd


Bush 1-8-11-7 OST1 11124-73
Bush 2408A-4-20
Bush 2408A-4-36
Bush 2408A-4-50
Bush 8A-6900-133
Bush 2408A-4-80
Bush 2-8-45kd OST1.111.90-730
Bush 3003A-8-18Kd
Nut 3301A-4 cd
Nut 3302A-3 cd
Nut 3302A-5 cd
Nut 3302A-6
Nut 3302A-8
Nut 3314A-5Kd
Nut 3320A-3 cd
Nut 3320A-3 cd
Nut 3320A-4 cd
Nut 3336A-6 cd
Nut 3336A-8 cd
Nut 3346A-12Kd
Nut 3346A-8 cd
Nut 3359A-5Kd
Nut 3373A-3Kd
Nut 3373A-4Kd
Nut 3373A-5 cd
Nut 3373A-6 cd
Nut 3373A-8Kd
Nut 3381A-3 cd
Nut 3456A-5 cd
Nut 56-0400-003
Button on RU-2 2KPP
Button on RU-2 K3
Button on RU-2 CD
Button 204
Button 4KNR
Button China-1B
Cap 8A-21-7410
Cap In 1900-005
Cap MR-7101-805
Rubber Ring 246-6820-367
Rubber Ring 246-6820-369
Sealinga Ring 140-6810-020
Sealinga Ring 2262A-151
Sealinga Ring 2262A-154
Sealinga Ring 2262A-165
Sealinga Ring 2262A-166
Sealinga Ring 2262A-169
Sealinga Ring 2262A-179
Sealinga Ring 2262A-23
Sealinga Ring 2262A-25
Sealinga Ring 2262A-27
Sealinga Ring 2267A-259
Sealinga Ring 2608s52-14-20-2T
Sealinga Ring 2608s52-15-22-2Y
Sealinga Ring 2608s52-16-22-1, 5f
Sealinga Ring 2608s52-18-25-2T
Sealinga Ring 34M51-22-16,2-1, 5
Sealinga Ring 34M51-23-18,2-1
Sealinga Ring 34M51-23-18,2-1, 5
Sealinga Ring 8A-6310-002
Sealinga Ring 8A-6310-003
Sealinga Ring 8AT-7205-501
Sealinga Ring 8AT-7205-501
Sealinga Ring 140-7602-080
Lamp SM28-10
Lamp SM28-4, 8
Lamp SM28-60
Lamp SM328-13
Lamp SM328-28
Lamp SM37-6, 3
Lamp SM28-005
Tape Metallization 3763A-125
Tape Metallization 3763A-135
Tape Metallization 3763A-140
Tape Metallization 3763A-160
Tape Metallization 3763A-210
Tape Metallization 3763A-230
Tape Metallization 3763A-250
Tape Metallization 3763A-360
Coupling 140-6300-115
Coupling 140-6300-120
Coupling 1U18-15, L = 80
Coupling 1U22-15, L = 80
Coupling 1U22-15, L = 115
Coupling 1U27-15, L = 80
Coupling 1U6-15, L = 80
Coupling 8-6103-010-001
Tip 5837A-15-1
Tip 5837A-16-1
Tip 5837A-17-1
Tip 5837A-3-1
Tip 5837A-4-1
Tip 5837A-17-2
Tip 6092s54-6-2
Connection PTS-62-180D
Connection PTS-62-25-5
Connection PTS-62-25D
Connection PTS-62-70D
Connection PTS-64-100D-P-Bp
Bridge Metallization 1-12-100 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-12-140 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-33-100 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-35-240 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-37-100 OST1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-7-100 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-7-120 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-9-120 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 1-9-160 OST 1 11303-73
Bridge Metallization 5579A-2-80
Bridge Metallization 56-4100-016-001
Bridge Metallization 56-4100-016-002
Bridge Metallization 56-4100-016-004
Bridge Metallization 5779A-1/2-8
Bridge Metallization 6245s52-2-100
Bridge Metallization 6245s56-2-100
Bridge Metallization 6245s56-8-85
Bridge Metallization 6545s56-8-120
Bridge Metallization 8A-6900-140-002
Bridge Metallization 8A-6900-140-004
Bridge Metallization 8AT-5102-060
Piston 4904A-10-1, 8
Piston 4904A-14-1, 8
Piston 4904A-18-1, 8
Piston 4904A-20-1, 8
Piston 4904A-22-1, 8
Piston 4904A-40-1, 8
Piston 4904A-6-1, 8
Piston 4904A-8-1, 6
Fuse FE-150
Fuse FE-200
Fuse FE-250
Fuse FE-75
Fuse PM-10
Fuse PM-100
Fuse PM-15
Fuse PM-2
Fuse PM-20
Fuse PM-25
Fuse PM-30
Fuse MP-5
Fuse PM-50
Fuse TP-200
Gasket 140-6101-00-03
Gasket 140-6101-013
Gasket 140-6310-102
Gasket 140-6805-03
Gasket 246-6820-006
Gasket 246-6820-007
Gasket 2892A-56
Gasket 6236A-65-6-2
Gasket 7962.0109
Gasket 7971.0023
Gasket 7971.0774
Gasket 8-6100-108
Gasket 8-6101-102
Gasket 8-6101-103
Gasket 8-6103-002
Gasket 8A-6100-006
Gasket 8A-6120-004
Gasket 8AT-6100-114
Gasket 8AT-6100-615
Gasket 8AT-6101-121
Gasket 8AT-6200-206-5
Gasket 8MPT-6102-01
Gasket 8MT-6120-01
Gasket APM
Gasket V6110-03
Gasket 8AT-7418-100-3
Gasket 8MT-7209-033
Gasket 8AT-7209-22
Gasket 8AT-7209-01
Gasket 05.582.60
Gasket 7962.0109
Gasket T82K08-05-013


Rubber Caps 5899A-14-1
Rubber Caps 5899A-8-1
Rubber Caps 8AT-7201-5
Rubber Caps 8AT-7420-17
Rubber Caps В 1900-005
Cable 140-5200-110-47
Cable 140-5200-110-49
Cable 140-5200-110-51
Cable 140-5200-110-53
Cable 8A-5200-110-15
Cable 8A-5200-110-17
Cable 8A-5200-110-3
Cable 8A-5200-110-5
Tube 8AT-7610-600-019 L = 80
Tube 8AT-7610-600-023 L = 80
Sealing 140-6805-003
Clamp 4.10 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 4.12 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 4.14 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 1606A-14
Clamp 1606A-14
Clamp 1606A-16
Clamp 1606A-20
Clamp 1606A-26
Clamp 1606A-30
Clamp 1606A-32
Clamp 1606A-34
Clamp 1606A-37
Clamp 1606A-43
Clamp 4.16 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 1675s50-201/2-N
Clamp 1675s50-201/2-R
Clamp 1729S52-32-T
Clamp 4.18 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 4.20 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 4.22 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 4.24 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 4.30 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 32-4 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 34-4 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 36-4 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 38-4 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 48-4 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 50-4 OST1.12090-75
Clamp 5149A-4
Clamp 5153A-10
Clamp 5153A-12
Clamp 5153A-14
Clamp 5153A-16
Clamp 5153A-22
Clamp 5155A-12
Clamp 5171A-16-1
Clamp 8.4 OST1.12090-75
Cover 1448s52-1
Washer 140-5910-003
Washer 140-6200-301-003
Washer 140-6200-301-005
Washer 1734A-1 ,5-18-33
Washer 1950a-16-22
Washer 3.5 N-65G cd GOST 6402-70
Washer 3401A-0,5-5-10
Washer 3401A-0,5-5-8
Washer 3401A-0,8-3-6
Washer 3401A-0,8-3-6 cd
Washer 3401A-0-3,8-8
Washer 3401A-0,8-4-8
Washer 3401A-0,8-5-8
Washer 3401A-1-4-8
Washer 3401A-1-5-10
Washer 3402A-0,5-2 ,5-5Kd
Washer 3402A-0,5-3-6 cd
Washer 3402A-0,5-3-8Kd
Washer 3402A-0,5-4-18Kd
Washer 3402A-0,5-4-7
Washer 3402A-0,5-4-8Kd
Washer 3402A-0,8-5-10Kd
Washer 3402A-0,8-5-8Kd
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-4-12Kd
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-5-10
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-5-12
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-6-12Kd
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-6-14
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-8-14
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-8-14Kd
Washer 3402A-1 ,5-8-16
Washer 3402A-1.5-4-12
Washer 3402A-1-4-10
Washer 3402A-1-4-10
Washer 3402A-1-4-7Kd
Washer 3402A-1-4-8 cd
Washer 3402A-1-5-10 cd
Washer 3402A-1-6-10 cd
Washer 3402A-1-8-12Kd
Washer 3403A-0,5-3 ,5-6
Washer 3403A-0,5-3-6
Washer 3404A-1 ,5-8-16
Washer 3405A-2-12-20Kd
Washer 3408A-1-4-8
Washer 3408A-1-6-12a
Washer 3451A-8
Washer 3452A-6 cd
Washer 3455A-10kd
Washer 3455A-12kd
Washer 3455A-14 cd
Washer 3455A-5 cd
Washer 3455A-8 cd
Washer 3463A-14 cd
Washer 3463A-4 cd
Washer 3463A-6-cd
Washer 3H-65G cd GOST 6402-70
Washer 4H-65G cd GOST 6402-70
Washer 5H-65G cd GOST 6402-70
Washer 6H-65G cd GOST 6402-70
Washer 8A-5910-002
Washer 8AT-5912-016
Washer 8AT-7410-103
Washer 2 cd OST 1 11532-74
Washer 3 cd OST 1 11532-74
Washer 12 cd OST 1 11532-74
Washer 4 cd OST 1 11532-74
Washer 5 cd OST 1 11532-74
Washer Cd 8 OST 1 11532-74
Washer 8AT-7205-556
Washer 8AT-7101-565
Washer 8AT-7610-590-003
Washer 140-0800-033
Pin 1 * GOST 12.0.026 397-79
Pin 1.2 * GOST 12.0.026 397-79
Pin 1.5 * GOST 20.0.026 397-79
Pin 1.6 * GOST 20.0.026 397-79
Pin 2 * GOST 27.0.026 397-79
Pin 2.5 * GOST 32.0.026 397-79
Pin 3.2 * GOST 40.0.026 397-79
Pin 6.3 * GOST 80.0.026 397-79


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